Benjamin Petit Delor "Chevalier de jungles et d'esprits"


Benjamin Petit Delor's reality creates fiction, goes beyond the most muscular sciences and cartoons. Customize your Petit Delor with graf', spray, acrylic, gold, diamonds, meat, poetry, a paper pyramid, a minotaur; release the ogre, the virtuoso, the master whistler, the hacker of your turntable, extra-plutonic curves, and fucking beautiful love.

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13 MP3 FILES (320KBPS) + PDF

1. Piano Minotaure
2. C'est la guerre
3. Domptage
4. Ode au Grand Crack
5. Lecture déchirade
6. De la viande
7. Torticoère
8. Chairacalin
9. Saint Q
10. Piste noire
11. Clébards votent
12. Lépismes
13. Musique animée

recorded in 2014 at Abermarle studios (Augères, France) by : Aurélien Merle, Jean-Daniel Botta and Léonore Boulanger
mix : Philippe Crab
mastering : Maël from Raphaël Jonin mastering
production : Benjamin Petit Delor & Le Saule
lyrics, music, arrangement's spirit : Benjamin Petit Delor
text “Ode au grand crack” : Jean-Daniel Botta
text “Chairacalin” : Jean Auvrai
text “Les lépismes” : Bruno Montano-Avila

illustrations : Benjamin Petit Delor
object conception : Cindy Cookie & Benjamin Petit Delor

other musicians : Léonore Boulanger, Jean-Daniel Botta, Aurélien Merle, with :
kind of mandolin, santour, zarb, pipo, bowl, accordion, voice, breathe & additional vocals, goodold organd, book de gare, paper, vacuum cleaner, wind, oriental flutes, several microphones, parrallélépipédic zboing, book about harmony & church harmonium, archet, métallophone, mini-kora, métronome...

additional sound : the angry neighbour's dog

Benjamin Petit Delor sings, plays the guitar and the piano 




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