Songs from Russia / Песни России (1 September 2013)

The french independent film maker Vincent Moon who created the Petites Planètes Collection, and the parisian record label Le Saule edit together a new series of records collecting music from different territories.

The artists, Vincent Moon and the members of the label Le Saule are fully volunteers on this project with no commercial intent. The money raised by subscription will only be used to master the songs and produce the records. Any surplus money will be invested in the production of the next disc of the collection, « Songs of Peru ». In addition, a special release evening will be held in Paris by the end of may including a screening of films by Vincent Moon which excerpts are published below.


Chansons de Russie


Vincent Moon not only gathers movies from his trips, he also collects songs. Contemporary songs or traditional songs performed by professional or non-professional musicians, recorded in situ, out of the stage or the studio, songs that are just lived and transmitted.

These are such beautiful russian songs that Le Saule wanted to compile on a beautiful object. A LP vinyl record, obviously. Not only because of the size of it, but also because Vincent Moon has always provided these collected sounds on his website, freely. Here, it is to offer a selection of theses recordings, mixed and mastered, and then collected on an album providing informations about songs, their authors, their performers, and a map illustrating Vincent Moon’s trip through Circassia, Ossetia, Chechnya, Dagestan… and through almost as many different languages.



The record label Le Saule has been created in Paris in 2008 from the meeting of Jean-Daniel Botta, Léonore Boulanger, Philippe Crab, Antoine Loyer and Aurélien Merle, and later of Camille Couteau and June et Jim. Le Saule is a small independant and free structure, opening doors, creating links, weaving a lively, restless and revitalized French songwriting.


Vincent Moon is an independent filmmaker from Paris who came to be known for his field work music videos of indie rock related musicians as well as some notable mainstream artists. He has been living on the road since December 2008, exploring and recording traditional music, religious rituals, relationships between music and trance in five continents. These ‘experimental ethnography’ films, released through his ‘nomadic label’ Collection Petites Planètes, mark a departure from his earlier line of work on alternative and indie music scenes. He now works alone or with people he finds on the road, and most of the time without money involved in the projects, trying to produce and distribute films without following the established industry standards.



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